Steering Committee

The Schwannomatosis International Database is overseen and managed by the Steering Committee, composed of three experts in the field of schwannomatosis. The Steering Committee acts on behalf of Schwannomatosis International Database collaboration in making operational decisions to guide the coalition in accomplishing its mission. The Steering Committee ensures timely action on issues that arise from use of the database. The purposes of the Steering Committee are:

  1. To assist the ISD Collaboration in designing and developing the Schwannomatosis database, and in making knowledge of it, and subsequent research findings, available to the scientific community.
  2. To advise, counsel and make recommendations to the ISD principal investigators, whether for technical matters or those involving broader issues of public understanding, research protocols and information availability.
  3. To provide review of research proposals that might utilize the ISD for patient recruitment and identification of collaborators. The committee will decide if, based on the merit of the proposal, the research plan should be  forwarded to the various sites for possible participation. The committee will provide feedback to the principal  investigator concerning decision making.
  4. To provide general leadership and direction to the overall ISD project.


Participating Sites

House Research Institute; Los Angeles, CA: USA
Dr. Marco Giovannini
Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD; USA
Dr. Allan Belzberg**
Dr. Jaishri Blakeley
Dr. Kimberly Ostrow
Massachusetts General Hospital; Boston, MA; USA
Dr. Scott Plotkin
  Dr. James Walker
   Dr. Justin Jordan**
Dr. Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov
Dr. Gordon Harris
Dr. Fawn Leigh
Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN; USA
Dr. Dusica Babovic-Vuksanovic
NYU Langone Medical Center; New York, NY; USA
Dr. Kaleb Yohay
University of Alabama; Birmingham, AL; USA
Dr. Bruce Korf
University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC; Canada
Dr. Jan Friedman

Academic Medical Center; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Theo Hulsebos
Guy's Hospital; London, England
Dr. Rosalie Ferner
Dr. Guy Leschziner
Lille Hospital; Lille, France
Dr. Marc Baroncinni
Dr. Nicolas Bonne
University of Florence; Florence, Italy
Dr. Laura Papi
University of Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Viktor Mautner**
University of Manchester; Manchester, England
Dr. Gareth Evans**
Dr. Miriam Smith

Tel-Aviv Medical Center; Tel-Aviv, Israel
Dr. Felix Bokstein
Dr. Shlomi Constantini


**denotes current Steering Committee member