How To Become a Participating Site

We are hoping to involve as many medical centers from around the world as possible to assist in understanding more about schwannomatosis and how best to treat it. If your institution or medical group would like to become a participating site for this project, please fill out the form below. We will contact you and provide all of the materials needed to apply to your local IRB or ethics board for approval for this project and will assist you in setting up your site to begin enrolling patients. Any participating site may enter patient data, see Enter Data for more details. Participating sites that are interested in applying to use data maintained in the ISD need to submit a Letter of Intent to the ISD Steering Committee for review, see Request Data for more details.

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If your site has already received local IRB/ethics committee approval for this study, please contact us directly to register your site and receive further information about how to enter data into the database.